Preschool 2

Place of Grace Preschool 2 Program

The Twos program is designed for each child to transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to a social world and the onset of symbolic thinking. They begin the transition from parallel play to interaction with their peers. Children at this age are exploding in their power to communicate, to move purposely, to assert their independence and individuality, and to control their important bodily functions. The twos' experience is similar to adolescence in that it is transitional. In the same way that adolescence stands between childhood and adulthood, twos straddle the total dependence of babyhood and the more independent, mobile world of preschoolers. Like teenagers, twos are often frustrated with being "in between." They are often conflicted by what they really want to do. Their imagination and desire often exceed their ability to make decisions. Twos need manageable challenges and experiences designed for them as individuals. They need a relaxed environment that allows for frequent changes in moods, interests, and capabilities. Twos, in particular, need teachers who accept them in their inconsistent behavior, teaching them about setting limits calmly and firmly when necessary. The twos, as most children, thrive on consistency in the classroom and in a reward system with positive reinforcement. They are also beginning to experience the natural consequences of their behavior. Our goal at Place of Grace is to provide our two year olds with the appropriate environment and loving teachers to help them make a difficult transition into the preschool world.


The twos learning environment is based on both the learning centers which are planned and teacher directed as well as activities that allow for child choice, self-directed play, and small groups. The twos environment recognizes the need for movement and sensory exploration. Learning centers offer guided experiences that encompass all the skills and understandings necessary for optimum development and success in school. Typical centers may include:

Language/Library Action/Movement Group Circle
Construction/Blocks Discovery/Science Music
Dramatic Play Outdoor Learning Manipulatives
Art/Creative Expression Outdoor Gross Motor Sensory Table

Throughout the day, children make self-directed and guided choices, participate in small groups and projects, and join in very brief circle times with the whole group.

Beginning Self Help

Children in the twos will begin to experience a world of learning self help skills. They will begin to drink from open cups at meal times, work on dressing themselves, independent feeding, and potty training. Potty training will take place as a whole group on a regular daily schedule. They will also begin to participate in community help within the classroom through "jobs or chores."


Documenting and communicating the daily milestones for each child is of utmost importance for the children in the twos. Every week the parents will receive a newsletter describing the upcoming activities, theme, goals, notices, and information regarding the classroom lesson plans. The teachers will also provide information each day about the theme and activities, the bible verse, what your child ate, how they slept, potty information, and what to ask your child about to help them to share about their day with you. The daily sheet will include information about any specific behavior or needs that your child may have. Teachers will also communicate information about your child's progress and evaluations, along with the opportunity to schedule a parent teacher conference each quarter. Teachers and administration are also always available to schedule a time to meet with parents should any concerns arise.