Application Process

Potential clients are required to visit Place of Grace for a tour and admission interview prior to submitting an application form. At this time, the family will be shown the center, informed about our program, and an informal interview will be done in order to gain more information about the child and family. It is very important that we establish a positive relationship from the beginning. We view our relationship with parents as that of a team. It is imperative that we have all of the information needed about your family to work together for your child’s benefit. We want to make sure that we will be able to meet the needs of your child and family to provide the best early education for your child. We also want to ensure that our program appropriately matches the desires that you have for your child. Parents will be notified during that meeting or shortly thereafter of acceptance to our wait list or direct admission to the program. We do not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin.

Please keep in mind, that Place of Grace Child Care typically has a wait list in place for all classrooms so it is a good idea to tour our facilities early to ensure we have a space for your child when you need it. To be placed on our waitlist, you should have already completed the tour, an admission interview and granted acceptance, then you will complete the Registration Form and submit your $50.00 non-refundable registration fee to the center.


Once a child has been offered a spot at Place of Grace, the admission procedure will commence. The parent will be given an Enrollment Packet including all of the necessary forms that must be completed. The parent is also responsible for obtaining a current physical form and immunization record from the child’s pediatrician. All children must have up to date immunizations that meet the state of West Virginia recommendations prior to the first day of attendance. Any family that chooses not to have their child immunized on a typical schedule for any reason must submit a signed statement acknowledging the risks and their personal choice.

Once all of the required paperwork is completed, the parent must schedule a time for an intake meeting prior to the child’s first day in attendance. At that time, the director will review all of the paperwork to ensure proper completion, discuss the parent handbook, and introduce the family to the teacher and classroom. The parent can also bring the child’s personal items to the classroom at that time. Within one month of entrance into the program, the parent will receive a copy of the baseline assessment. Each assessment will offer the opportunity for a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child’s progress and goals. Assessments will be completed every 3-4 months thereafter, or as needed.

Wait List

Parents that wish to add their child to the wait list at Place of Grace, who have already completed the tour, admission interview and granted acceptance, must submit a registration form along with a $50 non-refundable registration fee. The child will be added to the wait list effective the date that both items have been received. Openings in classrooms will be filled based on the wait list beginning from the earliest to latest date. Occasionally, other criteria such as birth date or desire for part time sharing may impact the order of the wait list. Prospective parents will be notified of a date for admission and will be given a two week advance notice of the child’s start date. If space allows, the parent may choose to start the child prior to the end of the two weeks.


The weekly/hourly/daily rate is due and payable every two weeks on Fridays by 6:00 pm for the upcoming two weeks. If a child is absent from care due to illness, closing of the center, holiday, vacation, or any other reason, the normal weekly rate will be due and payable. If the bi-weekly bill is not paid by 6:00 pm on Monday, Parent/Guardian agrees to pay a late fee in the amount of $10.00 per day until the account is current. All late fees are due and payable immediately.

Beginning at 6:00 pm, additional fees will be assessed at $5 per MINUTE until the child has been picked up. Habitual violation of this rule will result in the removal of child from program. $5 per minute will also be assessed for pick up of a child more than one-hour past time of contact during a closure situation or if the child must be removed due to illness.

Any child in attendance for over 9.5 hours per day will accrue additional charges of $9 per hour. This time is automatically calculated based on the time that the child is clocked in and out through the check-in system.

Removal of Child from Program/Breaking of Contract

When a child is admitted into the program a contract will be signed by the parent and administration. If the parent wishes to remove their child from the program for any reason, a two (2) week notice in writing must be given to the administration. The parent will be financially responsible for a total of 2 weeks of tuition. If a child is discharged from the program on behalf of Place of Grace Early Learning Center due to any of the reasons mentioned in the section on discharge, the parents will only be responsible for the fees incurred up until the time of discharge. Place of Grace Early Learning Center will give the parent a two-week notice when possible; however, if there is a safety concern the child may be discharged immediately. Failure to pay could result in legal actions being taken against the parent.